Maternity Tova

Wiksten Tova with maternity modifications.


This will be my last me-make for a while as my belly is rapidly expanding to accommodate baby number two. There are some lovely maternity patterns out there – Megan Nielsen especially – but I can’t bring myself to spend time and fabric on something that will get so little wear. I made an exception for this dress however, mainly because I had about 4 metres of this cheap linen-look cotton and no sewing plans for anything in particular. I had also been wanting to try out the Wiksten Tova for a while so I convinced myself it would be like making a muslin – an entirely useful and productive way to spend my sewing time (and something that I really should do more often!) I’ve seen a few maternity modifications floating around the internet – I can’t exactly remember where I’ve seen them or what was done to change the pattern – but I figured it would simply be a case of adding a few inches to the front gathers. So that’s what I did.


I cut the M based on my normal measurements so the back/sides/shoulders, etc are as they should be. I then added 4 inches to the centre front and gathered it so that it hits at my belly. While this looks perfectly fine and wearable I don’t think it’s enough extra material for a full-on maternity dress. I am around 5 months in these photos and it fits well but I can’t see that there will be enough space for a 7/8/9 month belly. In that case I may have made the most useless maternity dress. I’ll just have to wear it as much as possible in the meantime.


As a muslin it’s been quite useful however. I made a bit of a mess of the yoke where the two bands meet at the bottom and as a result they are too far apart to put buttons on. I’m not sure how clear that is in these photos. It doesn’t look bad without buttons but it means when they flap open (which they do all the time) it is a bit revealing so I must wear a vest underneath. I’ll know to be more careful with this part on my next make.


I didn’t follow the instructions for the collar insertion because I try to avoid clipping the corners whenever I can. Too often I clip too close and end up with holes or threads poking out and it’s all far more messy than it needs to be. Instead I sewed along the top and understitched before folding and tucking the sides in. This means it’s much neater and there are no risks of holes appearing at the corners. All that’s left to do is stitch the sides shut. Which I really should have done before declaring the dress finished and putting it on! I promise I will get round to finishing it.


So there it is. One maternity dress – hopefully wearable for a bit longer. And if that fails then a pretty good muslin.


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