My name is Nuala and I love sewing. Love it. I sew for my children and I sew for me. Sometimes I sew for the house. If I had the time I would operate a one-woman sweatshop and would barely come up for air. Thankfully for all of those around me I am aware of my responsibilities in life and keep my sewing confined to the evenings to avoid accusations of neglect. This blog is to document the sewing I do for the family and to reach out to others who share my mad passion for sewing, fabric, crafts and handmade clothes.

For those unfamiliar with the Scottish parlance a clootie dumpling is a traditional doughy, puddingy, cakey lump of boiled raisin bread that is wrapped in a cloth – or a clootie – and boiled in a pot. It sounds quite strange but is actually very delicious sliced and fried. Dumpling is also a term of endearment (of sorts): a gently mocking name for a child (ye wee dumplin’) or a man (ye great big dumplin’, ye!) like dafty or tumshie. We seem to have a lot of these names in Scotland. Am I giving the impression that we are surrounded by silly folk? Perhaps, but we do just love to make fun of each other…in a light hearted way of course!

I love to make clothes for my wee dumplings. I love children’s fabric. It’s so colourful and whimsical and I like it even more if it’s organic. Wee Guy has very sensitive skin so I like the thought of his clothes being safe and free of chemicals. Wee Gal just looks super cute in wild colourful prints. And if there are animals then even better.

I love to make clothes for me too. I’m not so keen on the wild, cartoonish prints for myself, funnily enough. I like a more subdued palette.

Follow me as I wrap the family up like clootie dumplings in some handmade delights.


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