Grainline’s Archer Shirt

This is my second Archer shirt and the first with the ruffle back. I really love this pattern. It deserves its reputation as it is flattering, easy to wear and totally classic. I think I’ll be wearing this one for a long time! Image Image I made it in a beautifully soft, white viscose fabric. It feels so nice to wear. My only gripe is that it wrinkles like crazy – doesn’t all viscose though? I took these photos after wearing the shirt all day and I think you can tell. I look ever so slightly disheveled! I don’t think it detracts too much from the shirt however. In fact I think it adds to its casual, effortless look. I cut a size 8, did a full bust adjustment of 1″ and lengthened the body by 2″. Next time I might bring the shoulders in slightly as I think they are hanging off me a tad. I may also shorten the sleeves by half an inch Image Image And, it seems that barely a make goes by without one boob or another. And here it is…I put the cuffs on the wrong way! Not entirely noticeable but very annoying. I plan to make more of these shirts – many more – so all fitting and cuff issues will be ironed out. Although I wouldn’t put it past myself to put the collar on the wrong way next time! And as a bonus extra…I made my skirt too… Image Image It’s a self drafted skirt that I’ve made a couple of times now. It’s just a simple mini skirt with zip back – nothing fancy. I made this with a mystery tweed from John Lewis’s remnant bin. I think I paid a fiver or thereabouts so it’s a cheap wardrobe addition. BTW the skirt is perfectly straight at the waist – I’m just standing lopsided. And if you are reading this, congratulations for making it to the end of my very first blog post. I’ve been reading sewing blogs for a year (I’m a bit late to the online party) and talked about writing my own for a few months. It took an on-the-spot question about New Years resolutions on the 1st Jan for me to resolve to just go ahead and do it. Expect to see more…!