Like Father Like Son: Burda 6718 Sweatshirt


You would be forgiven for looking at this picture and thinking ‘Oh…the wee guy wanted a jumper just like his dad’s. How cute!’, when in actual fact, it was the other way around. Mr Dumpling saw his boy’s cool new tracksuit and announced that he would like one just like it. The jumper part anyway. I am not one to stifle anyone’s desire to express themselves – even as a giant child – so I had to agree.


D’s tracksuit is a combination of the Mini Hudson pants (made umpteen times before – what can I say? – fabulous pattern) and an Ottobre Design pattern modified into a sweatshirt (also made before.) The fabric is organic fleece-backed sweatshirt from Organic Textile Company. I love this shop. All their fabric is organic and fair-trade and it’s excellent quality too. This outfit was made a while ago (yes, I am incredibly slow to document my makes!) and it has been well and truly tested by D who enjoys a fair amount of climbing trees and hanging upside down in the park. You can see a small difference in the top picture where the colour looks slightly faded against the new jumper but I think it’s pretty good considering how many times the outfit has been washed and how much ruff and tumble it has been subjected to.

DSC_0810  DSC_0796

I’ve mentioned here before that I am mostly a selfish sewer. I love sewing for the kids and do that often but most of my sewing time is for me. Not sorry about that in the slightest! However, very occasionally – usually around christmas or birthday times – I can be persuaded to make something for someone else. This was one of those times. Mr Dumpling wanted the same colours and same general shape as D’s jumper and the best I could find in the Big 4 offerings was Burda 6718.  It has a hood option and a cowl neck option rather than the simple neckband that D’s has but this was acceptable to my client so I went with it. The blue was the first one I made to test the fit. The sweatshirt fabric is from my stash and I used organic ribbing for the cuffs and hem. It’s technically a wearable muslin but as I had no changes to make it’s a pretty good bonus jumper. Who said selfish sewer?! I put the white cord through the cowl neck as it’s all I had but I should really look for a navy or yellow cord to make the jumper look more polished.

DSC_0851  DSC_0862

The red and grey jumper is the hooded version but this was not my original plan. To make it look more like D’s jumper I attempted to put a neckband on it instead of the hood and this should have been easy enough. I anticipated the neck opening being too wide so I adjusted it to decrease the width and make it sightly higher but when I attached the band and tried it on my model it was ridiculously wide. Some unpicking and head-scratching later I accepted that the only way forward would be to stick the hood on and be done with it. This wasn’t a huge problem except that because I had decreased the neck opening the hood was now too wide and had to be overlapped at the front to fit. It doesn’t look too bad and I could have cut the opening to make it wider if I was that bothered. But I wasn’t, so I didn’t! Again, I need to get some matching cord for the neck to complete it.

DSC_0817  DSC_0826

Mr Dumpling likes his jumpers and I do too. The pattern is a great fit, the length is perfect on him – he’s 6ft – and apart from my neck experimentations there were no modifications needed. I could be persuaded to make this again for him but as it’s a while before birthdays or Christmas he’ll have to wait. Selfish sewing resumes now!


Mini Hudson Pants & A Refashioned T

DSC_0850    DSC_0840

The boy never sits still. What 2 year old does? He prefers to jump around, climb furniture and roll on the floor so what better than a pair of Mini Hudson Pants to make his adventures more comfortable? These breeks by True Bias are the perfect mixture of style and wearability for any child. And adult in fact…I’m eyeing them up for myself too.

DSC_0846    DSC_0847

As for the fabric… My eye was caught a while ago by some sweatshirts on a sale table in Zara. They were massive and shapeless, made from organic cotton and incredibly soft. I bought two – grey and navy – and to be honest they were quite hideous as ladies’ jumpers but I was sure there would be enough fabric in each one for some mini hudsons. I was right. I even used the neckband for the pocket bands and the sleeve cuffs for the leg cuffs…and there’s some fabric left over for a hat or gloves or whatever (but that can wait until next winter now). Lovely stuff! They were constructed almost entirely on the overlocker except for some zigzag stitching on the pocket bands and the waistband. I really love this pattern. The trousers are modern and stylish and the pieces come together really easily so I can see myself making many more pairs in the future.

I thought I had scored an absolute steal given that organic cotton sweatshirting is expensive but when I got them home and scrutinised the label it appears they were composed of about 30/40% organic cotton and the rest man made. So not as good as I thought. Anyway the fabric was still lovely to work with and the trousers are super-cool so I can’t complain.

The tshirt is a reworking of one of dad’s old ones using Ottobre Design 4/2014. It’s the same pattern I used here but with short sleeves. This is a great basic tshirt pattern and fits the boy really well. Enough said really.